About MageClub

MageClub is an extensive Magento Products store, which features Premium Magento Templates and Commercial Magento Modules. We have been working with Magento and their products since 2008. Worked with lot of big brands and helped them grow their business was the first step, we took while heading ahead with Magento. With MageClub, we would like to offer the best services and products at really affordable prices, so you dont have to spend 1000s of dollars on getting custom web design or custom extensions.

We focus on industry needs and also take requests, which are normally fulfilled in a time period of 2 months. We have templates and extensions for all types of niche and we are always working hard to cover everything at one place, so you dont have to roam around, looking for stuff.

Apart from Magento products, we also offer Magento Support Packages here. We have got three types of plans, among which , the known ones are Prepaid Packages, Maintenance Packages and Instant Kit Services. You can read more details about the packages at the package details page.

With all this, we are planning to setup a whole 360 degree Magento service provider hub!

Enjoy your stay and let us know, if you have any type of questions.

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