Integration with ERP

Magento being a highly functional and flexible e-commerce platform has the capabilities and sophistication to facilitate easy integration with other systems and applications. Among the best e-commerce features Magento API web service enables integration with other CRM and ERP systems. Magento allows easy interfacing of applications with external order data, catalogues and other customer data. Thus irrespective of the complexity of the structure it is seamlessly easy for an expert and experienced developer for acheiving beneficial Magento Integration with ERP.

There are two different modes whereby this integration is made possible. While the ‘run mode’ executes the entire application, the ‘application modes’ executes only the framework. The ERP system itself being a modular structure, it is always possible for integration with platforms such as the Magento.

The benefits that you receive

  •   Product master.
  •   Customer master.
  •   Inventory stock management.
  •   Pricing and discount logic.
  •   Order capture.
  •   Payment terms management.
  •   Returns management.
  •   Sales tax logic.
  •   Credit card authorization and capture.
  •   Customer order inquiry and look-up.

How we can help you

The Magento Integration with ERP system solutions enable business owners to maximize their store effectiveness and enabling of data throughout full enterprises. As a result a robust, efficient and relevant e-commerce platform is established that wins newer heights for the business.


Integration with ERP Integration with ERP Service
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