Magento Integration with Joomla

Whenever we build a website for commercial purpose, we always want to rank it on the first page of the giant search engines. But how we could do this? It could only be dome with attractive presence of the website for the prospective users. Because if our site is not appealing, then it is obvious that users may not stay on the site for too long. So, to overcome this issue the MAGECLUB has come with the innovative service of Magento integration with Joomla.

How It Can Help

The particular service of Magento –Joomla integration has helped the designer to utilize the Joomla services for the marketing and support system along with the use of the Magento transactions meant for the sales and back office operations. The Magento –Joomla integration helps in the state-of-the-art assimilation of the category pages, product pages, user synchronization page, shopping cart and a lot more pages in the best architectural way. The simple and easy installation of Magento –Joomla integration using the step by step tutorial results in the aesthetic combination of the CMS system with the e-commece system for the joomla users.

It has been found that the content management system (CMS) of Joomla is provides unmatchable quality but it is somewhat difficult to get customized service in this. However, where the Magento is concerned it is known to be the best e-commerce service provider yet not so perfect in dealing with the CMS section.  Thus, to solve this disruptive issue of the Joomla and CMS usage in the web design, the MAGECLUB tends to bridges the gap of the two by simply integrating both of these.

The integration of the Magento and Joomla help in improving the navigation of the web with the attractive themes and the deliberate use of the tools. The skilled programmers of the Magento-Joomla integration helps in the enhancement of the website by adding several features related to product pages, categories, comments, tags and a lot more.

What We Can Do

Thus, MAGECLUB entails to offers the ideal Magento integration with Joomla to its users with massive product connectivity, visual appealing and reliable security options of the website for the desired growth of the business. We try to help the both the Joomla as well as Magento users to be in sync with the proper working of the applications. By adopting the innovative service of MAGECLUB, one can easily take the advantage of using the Magento e-commerce and Joomla’s CMS in collective form. The use of this offer helps the user to manage all the pages of the web including sales, orders, customers, shipping on one simple location. Hence you may enjoy the perfect e-commerce environment for your business with Magento-Joomla integration.

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Magento Integration with Joomla Magento Integration with Joomla Service
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