Magento Optimization & Performance Tuning

In the first year of the launch of Magento, over 2.5 million merchants had already downloaded and installed the application for a beneficial e-commerce platform. However with the rising popularity and the need for up gradation, developers have been coming up with several new versions that are more stable and configured for better Magento Optimization and Performance Tuning. Customers too required a platform where they would be confident enough to be safely able to make transactions. Time and again, the demands and necessities of the market are changing and with it are coming up newer enhancements and features that need to be integrated to any e-commerce site to live up to the market standards and create a unique platform for itself. Thus Magento optimization and performance tuning is of vital importance to all e-business owners.

What we can do

  •   Server folder catching.
  •   MySQL, Apache, PHP tuning.
  •   File system partitioning.
  •   Improved customer experience and conversion rates.
  •   Efficient administrative tasks.
  •   Improving site stability and peak traffic performance.
  •   Maximized investment returns.

How we do it

Performance tuning is creativity and with a heavy duty platform such as Magento, the challenges for the developer are both exciting and demanding. We at MAGECLUB are equipped with the tools and experience for an effective platform assessment and necessary Magento optimization and performance tuning to give your business that extra thrust over others.

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Magento Optimization & Performance Tuning Magento Optimization & Performance Tuning Service
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