Magento w3c Template Compliance

The Magento W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) template compliance is essential who still have not achieved W3c compliance for their e-commerce site. For those who are not yet sure whether their website does meet the compliance or not, this is also the right template. Unless the developer of the site has not modified and specifically tested the website for Magento W3c Template Compliance there is no chance that it will meet the standards. On the other hand the customers of today are knowledgeable and give utmost credit to a website that is registered and recognized by the W3C. Thus it becomes essential for every online shop owner to go for this template.

Not only do customers have a better faith on a W3C compliant website but the website itself becomes more SEO friendly and accessible to visitors worldwide. This service from MAGCLUB takes a holistic approach towards guaranteeing a suitable atmosphere for the platform.

MAGECLUB Magento W3C template compliance addresses detailed methodologies in governing covering HTML, levels of priority, CSS (both CSS1 and CSS2), multimedia tables, images, scripts, forms, frames, etc.

Out developers can help you achieve Magento W3C Template Compliance in no time. This is a meager investment that will instantly take you to the wish list of many clients.

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Magento w3c Template Compliance Magento w3c Template Compliance Service
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